- Business insurance professionals providing small business insurance owners dependable and affordable insurance solutions - 

Omaha Business Insurance Solutions, Inc., is a locally owned and operated business serving the insurance needs of small to mid-sized business owners in Omaha, NE. Omaha Business Insurance Solutions is an answer for the growing need of business owners to effectively monitor their coverage needs while ensuring they are getting the most for their hard earned dollar. Omaha Business Insurance Solutions is headed by committed insurance industry professionals dedicated to helping people protect the financial investment in their business. The company is grounded on a platform of integrity, transparency, accountability and professionalism.

Why should you consider Omaha Business Insurance Solutions as an insurance and risk management partner for your business?  There are several reasons our team at Omaha Business Insurance Solutions can add value in the insurance needs of your business 

  • Commercial Lines Focused Practice - We partner you with a commercial lines insurance expert that only manages small business accounts.  Our team understands your industry and how to position your business with the best available insurance products.   

  • Exclusive Commercial Lines Carrier Access - We have strategic partnerships with commercial lines insurance carriers which enables us to provide extremely competitive pricing in addition offering coverages relevant to your industry at no additional charge. 

  • Accessibility - We understand that accidents and the need speak with your Agent doesn't always happen between 9am-5pm on Monday through Friday.  That is why we provide you with your Agent's business cell phone contact information in addition to their office contact information.  We also have a 24-hour time service response guideline to e-mails or other correspondence.  We make it easy for you to connect with us.  

  • Vendor Partner & Contractor Support - We manage vendor partner / contractor  insurance compliance and access to current certificates of coverage.  Our vendor / contractor support service model automates this process to take this task off your hands and create additional time in your work day.     

  • Multiple Insurance Carrier Markets - We work with multiple commercial lines insurance carriers to research the market and reach an informed conclusion on the best available insurance solutions for your business.  We provide you with options so you can choose the carrier, product and price that fits your budget and meets your business insurance needs.  

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