No Minimum Dwelling Limits

Reporting Form:  one policy, one monthly bill

Dwelling:  10 or more dwellings

$300,000 Swimming Pool Liability


Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost

Other Products

Coverage available in all 50 states

Protection Class:  1 - 10 available

Available Coverages:  Building, Business Personal Property, Premises Liability, Business Income Including Extra Expense, Inland Marine, Crime

Mixed Occupancy Exposures

Single family homes and apartments with up to 12 units in each  apartment complex

Omaha Business Insurance Solutions Property Investor Product

Property Deductible Options from $1,000 = $25,000

No Coinsurance with ACV or RC on Partial loss settlements

Vacant Land Liability Coverage

No Maximum Number of Properties

Basic, Broad or Special Form

Premises Liability Limits up to $5M Aggregate (If over 50 locations)

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have in your work-day when it comes to successfully growing your property investment portfolio.  The administrative commitment required in managing different renewal dates, difficult property inspections and limited coverage options can very quickly position you to loose valuable time in your day.  This is why we developed a simple solution allowing Property Investors to spend more time growing their business and less time dealing with overwhelming paperwork through our Property Investor Program. With our Property Investor Program, Property Investors can have one renewal date for all of their covered properties and avoid the hassle of dealing with a different insurance policy renewal every month.  In addition, our Property Investor Program allows for flexible property inspections with properties that are not in the best condition but still require insurance coverage.  Lastly, the program allows for flexible coverage and payments options. Click here to contact us and learn more about our Property Investor Program.  You can also check out the product comparison chart below to see how our Property Investor Program compares to other property investment insurance products:    


Separate wind/hail deductibles available with Stop Loss 

Term:  12 months

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Report Form or Annual Policy Available

"No Coinsurance" Options with Agreed Amounts