- Developing a company that provides in home nursing care was not an easy task.  There were a lot of challenges for me to overcome and  finding an insurance carrier to provide my company with business insurance was one of them.  Most of the common household name insurance carriers I was use to dealing with in the past did not provide business insurance in my industry.   I struggled finding insurance for my business until I found Omaha Business Insurance Solutions.  They not only found insurance for my business, they were also able to find better insurance at a cheaper price for my  personal home and car.  The savings they created on my personal home and car made the cost of purchasing insurance for my business even more affordable.  Working with Omaha Business Insurance Solutions was definitely a good decision for my family and my business.       

​     Reanna Potter, Owner of Good 2B Home, LLC.

​     Omaha, NE 

- I have tried on multiple occasions to work with other Insurance Agents to find  an affordable workers compensation policy.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find an affordable workers compensation policy  until I started working with Omaha Business Insurance Solutions.  Omaha Business Insurance Solutions found me a business insurance package that fit my budget and provided me with better coverages.  I would gladly recommend Omaha Business Insurance Solutions as a resource for business insurance to any business owner or associate I know.

​     Dan Naumann, Owner of Midtown Doors & Services, LLC.

​     Omaha, NE 

- Our service experience with Omaha Business Insurance Solutions has been great.  Omaha Business Insurance Solutions understands the importance of having great communication with their clients.  They always respond to our e-mails and telephone calls in a timely manner.  They also keep us abreast of the status for items we have requested their assistance on.  We feel confident in our decision to work with Omaha Business Insurance Solutions and will gladly recommend them to any business owner contact within our network.     

​     Jim & Barb Watson, Owners of Jack's Discount Tobacco & Liquor, LLC.

​     Omaha, NE 

- Now most of the time I have done business with Insurance Agents, they write the policy and I never hear from them again.  This was not the approach of Omaha Business Insurance Solutions.  Since writing our policy, they have remained in contact with us.  They fought to get us an additional policy that other companies denied.  I found Omaha Business Insurance Solutions to be a company that prides itself on its work for their clients and will go above and beyond to gain the business of people like myself. 

​     Brent Geddings, President of Major Drain, LLC.

​     Omaha, NE 

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